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Characteristics of the Slovak Republic

The Slovak Republic, the capital Bratislava, is situated in the Middle Europe. The state establishment is the republic. The countryprofile is characterised through great differences in altitude. The Middle and North Slovakia is hilly - the Carpathian arc reaches here, the traffic arteries are of less dense, the South and East Slovakia have low land character and create important agricultural area of the Slovakia, with well equipped traffic network. The area is situated in the moderate climate band, typical with alternation of four seasons. Very important is Danube river, through which is Slovakia connected with Vienna, with channel Rhine - Mohan and with ports of Black sea. The longest river is Váh(403 km). The lakes are found almost only in the mountains. An unique phenomena is the travertine lake Kráter in Vyšné Ružbachy.To the artificial water basins belong fish ponds, reservoirs which have been built for mining („tajchy“ in the Štiavnické Mountains) and reservoirs at water power pl...



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